mercredi 31 juillet 2013

My life's lesson

Hello guys !

For the first time on my blog, I have decided to write my post in english oh yeahhhh!
I have just returned from London where I spent two weeks with people I didn't know before. They are dancers (you can find them here!).
Of course I was here to learn english but thanks to this people, my new friends, I learnt more about life, passion, dream, love... They gave me lot of things and they allowed me to grow up.

If there is something in life that I love, is to meet new people, new mentalities... I think we have to take in each person we meet his qualities. You have to share and exchange as much as possible with them because they can help you to build and discover yourself...

By the way, I was lucky because i had a good feeling with these guys and I felt close to them very quickly.

If there is something I can advise you, it's to do like me, to go where you want to go, to set off on an adventure... This is so exciting, cause you cannot know in advance which people you will meet, what you are going to do...

I wish and I really want to keep in touch with these guys because when you find people like that, you don't have to let them go...!!!


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